Event Planning

The Finest Event Planners

JTD Productions Event Planning ServicesFrom “months before” to “day of,” event planning is essential. We work with some of the finest event planners around and we’re happy to help in any way we can!

We know we play an integral part in how your day flows; from conception of a master plan and timeline to implementation of that plan At JTD, we don’t just DJ, we own the success of your event or wedding. We have found it is helpful to have the experience, know-how and the man power to manage the myriad details of it so that you can rest easy and enjoy your party to its fullest.

Give us a call or email to find out more. (845) 853-8912 or info@jtdproductions.com. We can talk with you to determine your needs, make our own suggestions and connect you with one of our favorite coordinators.

Our Favorite Wedding Planners

Here’s a list of some of our favorite planners that we work with on a regular basis:

JTD Productions Wedding Ceremony Event PlanningNellie Hill Events LLC – Nellie Hill
Charmed Places – Lydia Bailey
Destination Bride – Lisa Light
GME Events – Gina Maloney
Hudson Valley Ceremonies– Jeanne Stark
Storied Events – Carrie MacMillan-Lane
Tara Consolati Creative – Tara Consolati
First Impressions – Joan Howe
SCC Events – Susan Caissy Caruso
Events that Matter – Carrie Wykoff
Catskill Weddings – Lydia Castiglia

Testimonials From Planners

JTD Productions Wedding Event Planning“Well what can I say, but thank you. Working with you was such a tremendous experience. I am glad we finally made it happen again. I know that your contribution to this wedding was so very important and I am lucky we connected and made it work. I think we must have done a pretty good job since everyone seemed to have had such a great time and keeps thanking me and all the fabulous collaborators I had on my side. I Hope we can work together again and have fun. It would be so fantastic.”  –  Susan Caissy Caruso, www.sccevents.com

“I just wanted to say that it was a real Pleasure meeting and working with you. In 15 yeas of working weddings I don’t know that I‘ve ever worked with a DJ with such enthusiasm, professionalism and energy. Should I encounter someone looking for a DJ in your area I would most definitely refer then to you.” – Toni DeLisi, President, Memorable Events, INC.