Our Charity Work

Charitable Giving

A portion of every wedding  or event goes to charity.

Here at JTD Productions, we committed to serving our local Hudson Valley and surrounding communities. We proudly donate a portion of every wedding to a charitable organization. To date, we have raised over $185,000 for both local and national charities.

We also donate our time by creating, hosting, and organizing charity-based events for causes near and dear to our hearts. The result of these efforts is over $50,000 for local individuals and families in need.

Our Annual Golf Tournament

Since 1996, we’ve put together our annual semi-organized golf tournament. The tournament, designed to bring people together for a day of fun, is also an opportunity to gather contributions for local charities. Each year benefits a different cause. These have been put on hold since covid. Here are a few of the charities we have supported over the years.

American Cancer Society
JTD Productions Dave Leonard Open Charity Golf TournamentASPCA
Boys and Girls Club of Kingston
Children’s Home Of Kingston
CJ Foundation for SIDS
Family Domestic Violence Services
Family of Woodstock
Habitat For Humanity
Lymphoma Research Foundation
O+ Festival
The Soup Kitchen
Woodstock Day School Scholarship Fund

Our Annual Pisces Party

Every year since 1985, on the first weekend of March, Dave holds his annual Pisces Party. The members of our community come out of the winter cold and dance up a storm. The purpose of the Pisces Party is to raise money for a local charity or family in need. Please visit our Facebook page for news on upcoming benefits.