Wendy Erikson

Wendy Erikson, JTD ProductionsMusic has always been an integral part of Wendy’s life. At a young age, listening to the radio and adding to her music collection were among her favorite activities. Moving around a lot as a kid, she always gravitated to those who loved music and found her people. In her late teens, Wendy moved to Los Angeles, CA. After years of living there, eating up the local music scene, photographing up and coming bands and actors, and working for several record labels, Wendy landed in Woodstock, NY with her husband, Jeff, where they have been raising their family, as well as a few farm animals here and there.

One of the big draws to Woodstock was the rich music and art history and vibrant local music community. As a stay at home mom for many years, Wendy stayed active in coordinating and helping produce many events for local organizations, always aligning herself with things that were related to music. Jumping back into the work world with JTD has been a perfect fit. She loves being a part of connecting people with music that will help make the events that they are planning the most amazing experiences of their life.