DJ Michael Wilcock

“Michael is an intuitive. You’re constantly nodding your head because the next one and the one after that is the one you wanted to hear. Historic spinning, total groove.” – Cafe Guide

From an early age, Michael has had music running through his veins. Through his own perpetual, ravenous discovery, Michael continually acquaints himself with new artists while deepening his knowledge of known ones. Finding new tracks, updating his music library and honing his DJ skills is not just Michael’s job – it’s his life. Raised by his mother, a musician and music teacher, and his father, a music journalist, Michael has been immersed in listening to, playing, and studying music since he was a child. With over 20 years experience as a singer, and touring drummer, Michael has developed a keen intuition for reading and connecting with a crowd. He brings this unique talent to every live DJ set, steering events mindfully through epic journeys of sounds, doggedly focused on moving people’s bodies on the dance floor. 

DJ Michael Wilcock of JTD Productions

DJ Michael Wilcock

Michael has worked for a diverse range of clients and illuminated dance floors at estates, barns, and backyards across the Hudson Valley, Berkshires, NYC, Vermont, Connecticut, and beyond. He adapts to any environment, whether it be a living room dance party or an event attended by millions. As one of JTD’s longest employed DJs, he is committed to providing peace of mind for every client, while leaving out the attention-grabbing antics and cheesiness too often associated with wedding DJs. He tailors each performance to the tastes of his clients and creates joy, celebration, and unity on the dance floor.

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What Our Clients Say About DJ Michael

“The music was a very important part of our wedding. Our family and friends love to dance. JTD has excellent service Michael was absolutely amazing and we would recommend him to anyone!” – Matt Cipolla & Clark Johnson, Wedding at Onteora Mountain House

“Michael understood our casual wedding and how to read the crowd. Overall feedback from our guests was that the music was fantastic!” – Cindy Quan & Steven Diroff, Wedding at The Farm at Pond Lily

“Music sets the tone at the reception and Michael crafted the perfect vibe. Keep Michael on staff, hes awesome!” – Jess & Brenda, Wedding at Windham Mountain

“Michael was the perfect pick for our wedding. The music was important because we have a big dancing group! Michael was fantastic.” – Kristin Pisanelli & Craig Heitczman, Wedding

“Michael was incredible! We were beyond happy with the music selections. Overall we were very happy.” – Cynthia & Peter, Wedding at a Private Residence

“Michael was great! We wanted a great dance party and that’s what we got.” – Ariadne & Thomas, Wedding at Clermont State Historic Site

“We had a great experience all around working with JTD. My husband and Michael has several detailed conversations and really seemed to be on the same page. We are so happy with Michaels doing at our wedding, He was easy to work with and professional!” – Leah Bellow-Hendelman & Chris McLender, Wedding at Private Residence

“Mike was amazing and very flexible with change in plans with the rain throwing off our schedule a bit! The best overall!” – Lauren Weisskirk & Sam Englander, Wedding at The Hill at Hudson

“JTD was recommended by Michael Elbe at Buttermilk Falls Inn and Spa. The music was very important! We wanted our guests on the dance floor and they were! Michael was professional and great to work with we would recommend him!” – Emily Funk & John Reinus, Wedding at Buttermilk Falls Inn

“One of the highlights of our wedding was the amazing work of Michael Wilcock of JTD Productions. After meeting and speaking with Michael about our wedding, our music preferences and his workflow, we immediately knew it was a good fit! We definitely felt like he “got” us and was really friendly and easy to talk with. We met one additional time to go over day-of schedule and to coordinate specific music requests for first dance, parent dances, etc. Michael worked both the reception and the after-party that took place later in the night. I have never danced so much in my life! The music flowed and the people danced! It was a perfect mix of music that kept all ages dancing and set the mood for what was a really fun night. His set up and equipment was unobtrusive, as was he. Besides a few announcements, he didn’t interrupt any part of the reception or get on the microphone unnecessarily. We received so many compliments and comments about what a great DJ we hired for our wedding. We highly recommend Michael Wilcock and JTD Productions. In addition, we would like to mention Nellie (from the JTD office staff), whose emails and phone calls were always very professional and friendly. She was also a pleasure to work with.” – Peg & Peter from Kingston, NY, Wedding at Full Moon Resort

“We worked with Michael from JTD Productions and he was great. We didn’t want your traditional wedding DJ experience as we listen to more indie and alternative music. We met Michael for coffee before our wedding to discuss what we wanted, and he really executed perfectly. We loved the music, and best of all he had everyone up and dancing! He did a great job reading the crowd and got people we never thought we’d see dancing out on the dance floor.” – Kate Brill & Aaron Phipps, Wedding at Full Moon Resort

“Michael from JTD did an amazing job at our wedding! He did a great job of balancing our list of songs, adding others at the right times, and taking requests when it was appropriate. He kept everyone dancing and having fun throughout the reception without needing to constantly tell people to “get out on the dance floor. We had an amazing time and have gotten many compliments on the music since then.” –  Michael Fischer, Wedding The Hill at Hudson

“Michael was one of the best decisions my husband and I made for our wedding. He first DJ’d my brother’s wedding and we loved his style. He wasn’t one of those DJs who makes it all about him by constantly shouting out announcements and trying to get people to dance. He was super fun, happy, accommodating, and professional. We had a lot of introductions we needed Michael to make… and some challenging names… and he went over them with me before the wedding so I didn’t have to worry about it during the day, and he nailed them all.  My husband and I gave Michael a pretty extensive list of songs that we wanted played (80s rock), and he covered them all. Then he filled in the gaps with today’s hits and other crowd pleasers, but before doing that, we had a phone call to discuss it. The dance floor was never empty. My guests loved the music and the vibe and they still talk to us about it almost 6 months after the fact. Our wedding was in my parents’ backyard, so I’m sure setup wasn’t easy… but Michael did everything seamlessly and quickly and always with a big smile. You will be in the best of hands with Michael. Just let him know exactly what you want and he will make it a reality. I wish you the best of luck in your planning!” – Kristen Pisanelli, Wedding

“We never stopped dancing the night away. DJ Michael was pure class He leaned in to creating a magical evening for our guests and us! Music mix was fantastic. The online prep work in helping to select favorite music was very easy and truly helped to create a successful wedding celebration. Dave Leonard even can by after his gig to check in in us. Great company. We highly recommend.” – Kathy & Hope from New York City, Wedding Private Residence in Accord, NY

“Michael was fantastic! Read the crowd beautifully, didn’t play the music too loudly, and was so easy to work with. My guests were asking for his card by the end of the day :)” –  Megan & John from Brookyn, Wedding atMohonk Mountain House

“Michael from JTD DJ’ed our June wedding in Lenox, MA. We could not have been happier with him!! We met Michael once before the wedding to talk about what we were hoping for. We were nervous about hiring a DJ who would be “gimmicky” and Michael immediately put us at ease. He asked questions of us and seemed to want to get to know us, which we really appreciated. This totally paid off at the wedding where Michael executed his job better than we could have imagined. The song choices were perfect and we received SO MANY compliments on Michael’s work. He set a tone for the whole wedding that was exactly what we had imagined. Every time we looked at the DJ table, we saw this beaming smiling face– he was an incredible edition to our wedding and we are so happy we hired him! JTD is a well-oiled machine. They send out forms to learn about everything before the wedding regarding planning, timeline and song choices. They also make suggestions and help with these things. We were completely at ease with them and they did an incredible job. We cannot recommend highly enough!!!! Hire them!! And ask for Michael!!” – Jake A

“Michael is an intuitive. You’re constantly nodding your head because the next one and the one after that is the one you wanted to hear. If you are a lover of that funk, soul, and classic sound, Michael’s your boy… historic spinning, total groove.”  – Cafe Guide

“I chose JTD Productions for my wedding because of the unanimously outstanding reviews I received from anyone I spoke with, and I was not let down. I contacted them over a year before my wedding date to ensure availability, and I had originally hoped to work with the company’s founder, Dave. After our first meeting, he immediately let me know that a personal obligation would interfere with his availability, and he recommended Michael Wilcock wholeheartedly to work in his place. From the moment I met with Michael up until the extra hour we asked him to stay during the night of our wedding, he was enthusiastic, incredibly knowledgeable, and on-spot with all of his suggestions and, of course, his role throughout the event. There was not a single seat filled during the reception. In addition, JTD as a whole is extremely responsive to questions and concerns, responding almost immediately to any email or call that I placed. Their electronic database system is really helpful in mapping out music and the evening’s timeline; however, it does not lessen their hands-on correspondence one bit. I would recommend Michael, Dave, and the rest of JTD for any wedding or event, and I will certainly return to them for anything I might plan in the future!” – Alyson & Kevin from Rockville Centre, NY, Wedding at Belvedere Mansion

“Michael, Where do we begin? You killed it! What an amazing night and we were so glad that it was you to be there celebrating with us! Our guests were saying that it was the “most fun” wedding they have ever been to! You had a huge hand in that! Thank you so much – we wish we could’ve continued all night! From the first moment we were paired with you, we knew you were a perfect fit. Thank you for being so kind to us and for treating us like family!” Much love to you & JTD Productions!” –  Claire & Mari from Raleigh, NC, Wedding atEmerson Resort and Spa

“Michael was awesome. He worked with us, dealt with the crazy family and of course the many requests to please re start the songs. We will definitely be using you guys again.” –  Trisda & Derrick, Wedding at Stone Tavern Farm

“For our wedding we knew that we wanted to use Michael Wilcock of JTD Productions as our DJ. He was so much fun to work with and was excellent at anticipating the mood for every moment of our wedding reception. We got tons of compliments on the music and on Michael’s presence as a DJ. JTD Productions was able to work with our budget and the planning system was very easy to use. Thanks so much for helping us get the party started and keeping it going!” – Georgiana & Jesse, Wedding at Private Residence in New Hartford, NY

“Mchael is a true music aficionado- exactly what you want at a party. He didn’t bore us with the same old stuff and everyone at the party was dancing and having fun.” –  Kristina & James from New York City, Wedding at Van Patton Golf Club

“Michael was phenomenal. I initially became interested because your website was very professional and comprehensive. Your DJ Michael was very personable on the phone and I felt he would be a great match stylistically. We wanted the music to reflect our tastes and set a warm, relaxed yet classy atmosphere- and it did.” – Rachel & Josh from New York City, Wedding at Battery Gardens

“Music is a huge part of our lives and we wanted it to be represented and it was! We were very happy with Mike from start to finish. Fantastic job introducing us, and the transitions to the songs were executed perfectly. Many guests commented on how good the DJ was. He had a smile on his face the entire time.” –  Faith & Steven, Wedding at Full Moon Resort

“Music made the party! Michael was extraordinary – his wonderful warmth and attention to requests and crowd favorites exceptional. We love him!” –  Beth from Rhinebeck, 40th Birthday Party Gaby’s Café

“Music was very, very high priority – it linked all the components of our wedding together! The music greatly contributed to it being an ever memorable and meaningful event for everyone! Many of our guests commented on the music and how excellent Michael is! Please feel free to use us for recommendations! You are excellent at what you do!” –  Mary Tyson & Regina from Mahopac, NY, Wedding at Belvedere Mansion

“Michael, Now that summer is winding down and we finally have a moment to reflect on things, I wanted to reach out to you and say thank you so much for the tremendous job you did at Steve and Emm’s wedding.  The care you took in selecting the songs, the enthusiasm you engendered from the initially timid guests, (who ended up dancing the night away), and the incredible acumen you displayed listening to our eclectic musical requests and hitting them dead-on, all went a long way in making the event more memorable.  Since that weekend, we have had many people make it a point to say that they were impressed with the diverse musical mix, the subtle but effusive delight you showed in being a part of the festivities, and the great timing of the perfect segues that really brought everyone out onto the dance floor. I am glad we found you because having been to a number of DJ’ed events in recent years, I was concerned that we would have “canned music” that didn’t inspire.  What you gave us was so much more; it was truly a performance, but one that hit the perfect balance of being nicely in the background and yet noticeable enough to elicit many compliments from out guests. Thanks for taking the time and care to listen to what we wanted and having the skill to put it together so well. I will make it a point to encourage anyone I come across who is looking for a DJ to give you the highest of recommendations. Again, thanks so much.” – Ken, Father of the Bride, Wedding at Private Residence in Becket, MA

“Sorry it’s taken me so long to get this note over to you but I just wanted to thank you once again for an amazing DJ performance at our wedding. Everyone loved the vibe and the music. I’ve seriously never seen so many of my friends on the dance floor… hilarious. We had high expectations and you definitely surpassed them. I will definitely be recommending you to anyone looking for a DJ.  Thanks again.” –  Mike from New York City, Wedding at Wheatleigh

“DJ Michael, you were absolutely amazing. People were going crazy on the dance floor that night and it was all because of your awesome DJ’ing. Friends and family are still coming up to us saying the music was fantastic. Thank you so much for helping make our wedding night the most wonderful night we could have imagined. And thank you for being so flexible and kind the entire evening.” – Mark & Kate from New York City, Wedding at Mashomack

“I wanted a DJ that wouldn’t control the evening on the mic, rather let the music lead the flow of the evening. Michael did a fantastic job. Our friends want a copy of the playlist. He played the right songs at the right time of the evening. He was also extremely helpful, responsive, and understanding of our needs. Michael did a great job of playing the songs we wanted and playing similar songs that would match our taste.” – Tara from NYC, Wedding at Dutchess Manor

“I met Michael at a friend’s wedding. He was very professional, classy- minimal talking. He created an appropriate mood that both older and younger guests enjoyed. We had numerous comments on how great our DJ was. Michael created the perfect mood for dinner, kept the dance floor going, managed and avoided pesky requests that didn’t fit and worked in all our requests. Everyone from our photographer to Aldie’s staff commented on the music and how personable and great Michael was to work with. I’m so glad that I was able to hire such a talented DJ, who was so great to work with planning and on our wedding day. I trusted him totally- and he really delivered. We can honestly say that the music made a huge difference in how successful the wedding was. We loved him and felt so fortunate that he could travel to make our wedding!” – Kristy & Chris from Philadelphia, PA, Wedding at Aldie Mansion

“Michael was phenomenal; he was attentive without being intrusive, really got the feel of the crowd & wedding accommodated last minute requests, and just really “made” our wedding. We had a wonderful experience with him and with JTD overall!!!!” – Kevin& Alyson from Rockville Centre, NY, Wedding at Belvedere Mansion

“For our wedding we knew that we wanted to use Michael Wilcock o as our DJ. He was so much fun to work with and was excellent at anticipating the mood for every moment of our wedding reception. We got tons of compliments on the music and on Michael’s presence as a DJ. Dave and JTD Productions was able to work with our budget and the online planning system was very easy to use. Thanks so much for helping us get the party started and keeping it going!” – Lee from Brooklyn, Wedding at Full Moon Resort

“Michael, We cannot thank you enough for making out wedding the most amazing night of our lives. You are an incredible DJ… we absolutely made the right decision requesting you from JTD. You kept everyone on the dance floor all night long! We honestly could not believe it! Going off of our list made the night. Thanks you! You dancing one dance with us at the end of the night made it! From the bottom of our hearts…thank you!” –  Alicia & Melissa from NYC, Wedding at their Private home in Accord

“Michael, I just wanted to say think you so much for making our Wedding Party awesome…you really are good at what you do. Again thank you for everything.” – Mark & Robert, Wedding

“I have to continue to believe music is one of the most important pieces of every party. Michael was terrific…our guests loved his music and his spirit!” –  Kathy & Hope, Wedding May 3, 2014

“You made our reception amazing, thanks so much for listening to us and what we asked for. I could not have asked for a better DJ! You really understood our vision! Thank you and all the best!” – Yasmin & Mark from Brooklyn, Wedding at Full Moon Resort

“Thank you so very much for providing the perfect atmosphere and mood for our wedding. Everyone had a great time and are still raving about the music selections. You chose the ideal selection to keep the different groups of people happy and contribute to the wonderful memories we have! “ – Andy & Nicole, Wedding at Poughkeepsie Grand

“We cannot thank you enough for the phenomenal job you did at our wedding! Thank you for putting it all together and for hiking down to NYC on such short notice! Your willingness to accommodate us was incredibly appreciated. Michael was a terrific DJ and everyone had a crazy amount of fun dancing! 🙂
Everything was perfect and exactly what we had hoped for. We had so many compliments on Michael. I can safely say that, even though I never imagined this moment would occur at my wedding, my favorite memory of the night is dancing to “Big Pimpin’ gangsta-style with my friends. Classy. Thanks again!” – Rachel & Jason, Wedding at Battery Gardens

“What we loved best about our event was the DJ! Yay Michael, you’re the best!” –  Eve Waltermaurer, Party at Rosendale, NY

“Michael was awesome- I provided him with all the music for the event and he mixed it perfectly. He helped out with the other vendors and really impressed us!”  – Tim from Brooklyn, NY, Wedding

“We had a great experience with Michael! We were completely happy with everything he did.” –  Tiane Jennings from San Francisco, CA, Wedding at Big Indian Springs

“We wanted a DJ that suited our style and your website sounded like it was a fit. We were both so pleased with the whole process. Michael was perfect!” – Marleigh & Sean Blake from Harriman, NY, Wedding at Acra Manor

“DJ Mike felt like one of our guests!” – Nina Reffie, Wedding at their home in Pine Plains, NY

“Dear Michael, We would like to thank you again for bringing together the musical element of our wedding celebration. The flow of the music selections was excellent and you were personable and professional as well. Your efforts are appreciated. It was just wonderful to dance the night away with family and friends and celebrate our special day. Thank you for bringing everything together so nicely. Extend our thanks to Dave again as well.” – Pete & Debbie Williams, Wedding

“Dave, I just wanted to take the time to tell you what a wonderful job Michael did on Friday night. The kids loved him and even expressed to me what a good DJ he was. I will complete the forms you gave me but I just wanted to let you know right away. Thank Michael for making my Daughters Sweet 16 a very memorable event.” – Cathy

“We just wanted to send a thank you and compliments to Michael Wilcock for being apart of our special day Saturday.He did a great job!!  If we are ever to have any other parties in the area and are in need of a DJ we will be giving you guys a call once again!  Thank you.” – The Bakers, Wedding

“Hi Michael, We just wanted to really thank you for the great job you did for our party.  The music was what we envisioned and you balanced it all out very well given the broad playlist that we provided. We also wanted to thank you for keeping the party going and being a trooper considering you were handcuffed as to how loud you were allowed to play.  As I told you, the noise issue wasn’t stressed enough to us when we first went to see the farm, so we weren’t really happy about that.  Some guests told us and may have told you the volume was too low, but we explained to everyone it was out of your hands. Thanks again! Great job, great music and we would recommend you and your company to friends.” – D+S

“I rave about Michael! He was the perfect pick for our wedding!” – Kristen & Craig

“Michael, Thank you for doing an excellent job at my daughter’s wedding. Everyone LOVED the music you played!! Music is so important at a wedding because you are responsible for setting the tone for the evening. I heard another couple wants to have you at their wedding and one of my friends wants you at her party. Great job!! Thank you.” –  Nancy

“Michael had the entire party dancing and having the best time ever!” – Nora

“Michael was professional and great to work with! We would recommend him to anyone!” –  Emily & John, Wedding

“Michael is a fantastic DJ! We’ve received rave reviews since our event about the quality of the dance party.” – Lauren & Sam

“Our DJ Michael Wilcock was totally perfect. We gave him a long list of oldies and he played off our list diligently and then went a little past it, making sure to ask me if it was alright. OF COURSE it was because everyone LOVED IT! Everyone danced, all night. My husband and I tried to go around to everyone’s tables during dinner but everyone was so busy dancing. Many people approached me during the wedding and afterward to say how awesome the DJ was. So, so pleased!!! Had such a blast!” – Laura

“My cousin said he had never seen such a high proportion of the guests on the dance floor!” – Slyvia Houghteling from Chatham, NY, Wedding