Our Charity Work

Charitable Giving

A portion of every wedding goes to a charity of your choice.
JTD Productions Giving Back Charity Work

Here at JTD Productions, we’re dedicated to helping and serving our local Hudson Valley and surrounding communities, so we donate a portion of every wedding to specific charities of your choice. To date, we’ve given over $135,000 to both local and national charities.

We also donate our time and DJ for charitable events as well as holding our own events to raise money for charity, raising over $50,000 for local individuals and families in need.

For the past 17 years, we’ve put together our annual semi-organized golf tournament. It brings people together for a day of fun and to raise money for a local charity. Each year benefits a different cause. Here are a few of the charities we have helped over the years…

American Cancer Society
JTD Productions Dave Leonard Open Charity Golf TournamentASPCA
Boys and Girls Club of Kingston
Children’s Home Of Kingston
CJ Foundation for SIDS
Family Domestic Violence Services
Family House
Family of Woodstock
Habitat For Humanity
Lymphoma Research Foundation
O+ Festival
The Soup Kitchen
Woodstock Day School Scholarship Fund

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Our Annual Pisces Party

ductions-DJ-Dave-Leonard-Pisces-Party.jpg”>JTD Productions DJ Dave Leonard Pisces PartyEvery year since 1985 on the first weekend of March, Dave holds his annual Pisces Party. It’s an opportunity for the community to come out of the winter cold and dance up a storm. Each year, the Pisces Party raises money for a local charity or family in need. Visit our Facebook page for upcoming parties and events.

Rachel, in response to your inquiry about Dave as our dj…
We actually only used Dave– for our ceremony and our reception– and did not have a band at all. Dave was more money than the other DJ’s we had met with, and I have to say, was absolutely worth every penny.
Throughout the process Dave, and everyone at JTD, were very professional, friendly and easy to get in touch with– which can be a tough find anywhere. When we started planning our wedding last summer we found out very quickly just how hard it can be to find somebody like that. Their website is also top notch– once you are signed up with JTD; you can search through their entire library of music, which made all of our music planning much easier.
In terms of Dave’s DJ’ing at our ceremony– Dave, unlike a lot of other DJ’s we met with (five in total), really seems to love and appreciate music, and when my wife and I explained to him that we like a mix of punk rock, country, hip hop and oldies, it didn’t phase him a bit and he managed to play music that we liked while keeping the energy level high all night long– and kept the dance floor packed with people old and young throughout the evening. In short– I LOVE DAVE. I recommend him with no reservation. If there are any questions I didn’t answer, please feel free to call me at xxx-xxx-xxxx or you can certainly email me as well.

Wedding August 2007
Onteora Mountain House

Hi, Dave,

What a party! The music was exceptionally good! It was great to see people dancing and truly getting into enjoying themselves. You really know how to get a party moving and can sense the party pulse. That is a real art! I think we’ll be talking about this party for a long time. It will help us cruise into the new year with lots of good feelings. Thank you so much for the donation of your services and for bringing so much energy and joy to all of us. You’re the best!


Matoaka and the Kingston ARCS office staff
Kingston, NY