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Since 1988, professional DJ Services, JTD Productions has been creating just the right atmosphere and providing you peace of mind for everything from elegant country weddings to all night dance fests. We’ve got backup equipment –  a million dollars of insurance for every gig, backup DJ’s, support staff on call and over 75 years of combined experience JTD offers  peace of mind, so you can  maximize the fun on your big day or night. We even donate a percentage of every wedding to a charity of your choice!

The JTD family lives, loves, and breathes music. Check out our video and read below to learn more about our work, our inspirations, and why we love being your DJ!

What makes JTD awesome and unique?

Michael Wilcock: I feel like we are able to successfully bring that high quality attention to detail but also just be excited and be joyful to be there.

Jordan Matthews: I think what makes JTD really unique is that its not just one DJ. It’s a group of DJs.

Nellie Munafo: I love being able to have a variety of DJs that we can match with the right client.

Scott Stackpole: The JTD team is very diverse.

Nellie Munafo: It’s basically a JTD family.

Julie Jakolat: It’s like having brothers I’ve never had before and we all like really cool music and it’s fun to hang out and hear what everybody else is listening to.

Jordan Matthews: Having that team to rely on… that’s what it’s all about.

Why do you like DJing?

Jordan Matthews: Why do I like DJing? Because it’s the greatest thing ever.

James Mongan: I love being able to enable people to have fun.

Scott Stackpole: DJing is a fun thing to do.

Where does the passion for music come from?

Dave Leonard: We have passionate music lovers. A lot of the DJ’s are musicians themselves.

Scott Stackpole: I play drums.

Nellie Munafo: I started playing guitar when I was six.

James Mongan: I’ve been a musician for… ever.

Michael Wilcock: Being a musician just easily translates over into being a DJ.

Julie Jakolat: My personal passion for music started when I was in the womb. My mom sang.

Scott Stackpole: I basically was a sponge since a very small kid so music is a part of my life and it’s always been.

Jordan Matthews: I’ve been DJing since I was eleven.

Nellie Munafo: Music has always been an extremely important part of my life.

How do you feel about weddings?

Julie Jakolat: Weddings are awesome!

Dave Leonard: I love DJing weddings because there is just so much love and this is going to be like the best party of your life.

Julie Jakolat: It’s a rare moment in life when people get together for the express purpose of celebrating love. People walk in and they want to have a good time and they want to celebrate and they want to dance. It’s amazing energy.

Scott Stackpole: Being involved with the couples and being able to play what they want and be able to be instrumental in that is important.

Nellie Munafo: I think music gets the party going.

Jordan Matthews: It’s just a pure feeling of energy and getting to share excitement with everybody.

Michael Wilcock: The magic of people, and family, and friends loving each other and being together in that space. That, to me, is what it’s all about.

This is going to be our 25th year as a DJ company. What it comes down to is really making the client, the customer, the couple feel really comfortable in every level. Artistically: we are going to play what, we won’t play what you don’t want. Logistically: we’ve worked in almost all the venues throughout the Hudson Valley, the Berkshires, Connecticut, New York, and I mean even other places throughout the country. We have a really good sensibility of location. We know how things work, how things flow and that’s going to provide piece of mind. I want people to feel the best they’ve ever felt at the end of the night.

We had a ton of fun shooting this video. Thank you I DO MOVIES for the great work!

"There is no greater luxury
than peace of mind,
and no greater indulgence
than shakin' your booty....

at JTD we guarantee both"

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